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YES on 1631

Posted on Oct 24, 2018 in Conservation News, WA Wild Blog

Washington Wild works every day to protect healthy watersheds from the peaks of the Cascade and Olympic Mountain Ranges, to old-growth forests and rich sagebrush habitats, to our free flowing rivers that eventually reach the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. We do this so our communities and wildlife can live in a thriving, healthy environment. However, our state’s health is currently being threatened by big polluters who are not paying consequences for the harm they cause. We’re prepared to do all we can do ensure a healthy future for Washington State. This is why Washington Wild supports Initiative 1631! 

Right now, the largest polluters can pollute for free while the rest of us pay the costs. I-1631 would put a fee on the state’s largest polluters, like the oil industry and utilities that have not switched over to clean energy and invest in protecting our air and water and building new clean-energy infrastructure across the state. We know with this initiative, we can protect our health and create new good-paying, important jobs. 

Join us!

The oil industry has contributed millions of dollars to defeating this initiative. To make sure we pass 1631 and secure a cleaner healthier state for everyone in Washington we need to talk to every voter we can.

We are encouraging our community of Wilderness Advocates to sign up today for a door knocking or phone banking shift with the Yes on 1631 campaign!

This election will be close. Whether we win or lose will be determined at this moment by the work we do. Please join us in helping to ensure a cleaner future for the next generation. 

Take action by voting YES on Initiative 1631.