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Wonder Mountain Wilderness

Posted on Jun 4, 2024 in Washington's Wilderness Areas

Tucked in the southeast corner of Olympic National Forest, this 2,349 acre Wilderness is one of the smallest in the Western United States. In the shadow of Wonder Mountain lie four tiny, secluded lakes, from which McKay Creek and Five Stream emerge, flowing through a dense through forest of alder, willow, vine maple, western hemlock, Douglas fir, and Pacific silver fir.  

The Wonder Mountain Wilderness was protected in 1984 by the Washington State Wilderness Act. Washington Wild was founded in 1979 with the mission to build a local grassroots movement to protect Wilderness areas throughout Washington. After five years of advocacy and organizing, the Washington State Wilderness Act of 1984 marked the organization’s first major victory. 

There are no trails within this Wilderness, access is only by cross-country travel. Wilderness travelers should carry a map and compass for route finding.