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Wild Profile: Raymond Kwan and Barry Chan

Posted on Nov 26, 2018 in Conservation Voices, WA Wild Blog

Raymond Kwan and Barry Chan 
Co-Founders of Lucky Envelope Brewing 

Ray and BarryRaymond Kwan and Barry Chan are Co-Founders of Lucky Envelope Brewing, a Ballard neighborhood brewery, and Washington Wild Brewshed® Alliance partner. This year they were presented with the 2018 Brewshed Award at Wild Night Out to honor their exceptional commitment to protecting wild lands and waters in Washington.  

Lucky Envelope Brewery has been a dedicated Brewshed Partner since 2015. They brewed our first charity collaboration beer, the “WA Wild Spruce Tip IPA”, participate in numerous events each year, and sign on to conservation comment letters in support of clean water, our roadless areas, and protecting public lands. 

Named Washington Wild’s unofficial photographer, Ray is an amazing community partner and is extremely supportive of protecting wild places. As a valued partner to the organization, he has attended countless Brewshed events and gotten involved with aspects of our conservation work.  Ray has visited 17 of the national parks in the United States and still has dreams of one day becoming a landscape photographer for the National Parks Service. At Lucky Envelope, Ray manages the back-office operations of the brewery including business development, corporate partnerships, and distribution strategy. 

Barry Chan is the head brewer of Lucky Envelope. He first got involved in environmental protection in his last career as a structural engineer. He was an accredited professional in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED AP) and volunteered his time to work on structural carbon footprint reduction studies utilizing new building technologies.  

As the head brewer at Lucky Envelope, Barry works day in and day out with water as the heart of the finished productThe Washington Wild Brewshed Alliance was born out of the belief that protected watersheds and clean water make better downstream beer, and that’s why Barry’s a strong supporter of Washington Wild.   

“Washington Wild’s conservation efforts to protect our sources of water allows us to make quality beer. Lucky Envelope Brewing is proud to be a Brewshed Partner and is committed to raising awareness for the importance of preserving our state’s lands.”