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Wild Profile: (Lux) Pot Shop

Posted on Dec 8, 2023 in Conservation News, WA Wild Blog

Among the 25 most populous cities in the U.S., Seattle boasts having the most protected Wilderness within a 100-mile radius. And as one of the first states to legalize marijuana in 2012, being green is kind of our thing here in Washington. It is certainly why our friends at (Lux) Pot Shop love to call Seattle home.

“There isn’t a single day where it doesn’t cross our mind at least once: we are incredibly grateful to be in Washington,” shares Veronica White, head of Content and Merchandising at (Lux). “And it’s not just because our lovely state has the best cannabis in the nation. The real reason we wake up every morning feeling so fortunate to live here—just look around you!—even in Seattle proper, you don’t have to walk far to catch glimpses of our state’s majesty. Our quintessential evergreen forests and pebbly shorelines are sprinkled throughout the city like M&Ms in trail mix. When you bring cannabis into the equation, Washington’s natural wonders go from magnificent … to downright magical.” 

But what do we find anything but magical?—the trash we spot far too often whilst on our outdoor wanderings—which is why (Lux) reached out to Washington Wild at the beginning of the summer. “As a company whose mission is to curate and provide the best quality cannabis while engaging our community, this sparked a conversation amongst our team,” says White, “we asked ourselves how we could use our platform to help ensure Washington remains wild and green for generations to come.”  

Launched in July, (Lux)’s Ganja Gone Wild campaign in partnership with Washington Wild worked to empower our communities to “Blaze Responsibly” and take action to protect Washington’s wild lands and waters. 

Partnering with six vendors handpicked for their sustainable production practices and adventure-apt offerings, (Lux) also donated a portion of their total sales during the campaign, totaling $1,800 in support of Washington Wild’s mission!  

And to really encourage folks to follow the quintessential Leave No Trace principle, pack-in, pack-out, they also teamed up with Kavu to create a line of Ganja Gone Wild merch. “We designed a variety of styles and colorways named after our favorite strains for outdoor activities,” explains White, “these versatile bags were thoughtfully designed to comfortably hold all your reefer refuse during your outdoor escapades.” Still available for purchase at all three of (Lux)’s pot shops (although quantity is limited!), 100% of proceeds from the sale of Ganja Gone Wild merch will be also donated to Washington Wild. 

Veronica White,
Head of Content and Merchandising at (Lux) Pot Shop