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Wild Profile: Craig Nobly and Lighthouse Roasters

Lighthouse Roasters General Manager Craig Nobley

Lighthouse Roasters has been producing fine artisan coffees in Seattle since 1993.  They create consistently great coffee in small batches of the freshest premium beans, roasted in their vintage cast-iron roaster each day.  Lighthouse has established a following of coffee lovers through their commitment to treating coffee roasting as a craft.   

Washington Wild was able to connect with Lighthouse Roasters just over one year ago in what was unknowingly our last inperson event before the pandemic unfolded. In partnership with Aslan Brewing and Theo’s Chocolate, a charity Mocha Horchata Brown Ale called Rocket Fuel was created and a fun evening in a packed taproom in Fremont was had.  

 Despite not being able to hold similar inperson events, our partnership with Lighthouse Roasters has continued to grow in unique ways. We recently held a virtual event with Lighthouse Roasters and General Manager, Craig Nobley, for a morning chat called “Coffee and Conservation,” which featured a special roast specifically made for Washington Wild.  

 “Lighthouse Roasters recognizes the importance of healthy watersheds and their impact on our local community and economy. Building quality relationships around conservation efforts in Washington is important to us, which is why we support Washington Wild and their dedication to building coalitions and trust in our community.”  

Our Brewshed® Alliance partners understand the importance of quality water for a quality product. In Washington, we have some of the purest water in the country. Brewshed® partners knothis and raise awareness of the necessity of protecting these sources to their supporters. Lighthouse Roasters are no strangers to the brewing world, having provided their roasts for beer made by a number of breweries including Aslan, Cloudburst, and Lagunitas.  Because of this, it seems fitting to add them as “Special Partners to the Brewshed® Alliance, not only because of their commitment to water conservation and protections, but also because of this unique “Brewing” connection.