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Senate Bi-Partisan Vote Protects Key Rule on Methane Emissions

Posted on May 10, 2017 in Conservation News

Today, in an unexpected bit of good news, the Senate has narrowly voted (51 to 59) to keep a key environmental regulation, H.J. Resolution 36, a BLM Methane and Waste Prevention Rule. Three Republicans joined every Democrat to secure this environmental victory to preserve the rule. 

Photo Courtesy of Andy Porter Photography

The Congressional Review Act Resolution to repeal this rule was introduced in January, and passed the House shortly thereafter. If the resolution had passed it would have repealed this rule that helps prevent oil and gas companies from burning methane emissions on public lands. Due to the nature of the CRA, it would also keep the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from issuing any similar regulation that could be implemented in the future. Methane, a greenhouse gas, contributes to climate change and endangers our wild places, clean air and recreation economies. 

This current Congress and Administration have used the CRA as a tool to attempt to repeal existing environmental regulations, with three CRA resolutions successfully signed into law, repealing regulations that prevented aggressive hunting of wolves and bears, and allowing coal companies to dump waste into streams. However, for the remaining CRA threats there is more good news. The deadline for these resolutions is this Friday, May 12th meaning that resolutions such as allowing drilling in over 40 national parks, will expire.

While the threats from CRA resolutions is ending, there continue to be attacks on our environment and our public lands. Washington Wild will continue to stand in defense of our remaining wild places, but we need your help! Use your voice and take action with a list of current attacks of Public Lands here.