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Video: Conservation Chat: Protecting the Skagit River

Conservation Chat: Protecting the Skagit River

What could a pending mining permit in the Skagit headwaters mean for us downstream? In this conservation chat, activist and Washington Wild supporter Jaidacyn Madrigal offers key impacts and insights into the issue and provides an easy way you can take action to protect the Skagit. 

A growing international coalition is urging the Canadian government to stop Imperial Metals from mining the “donut hole” in the Skagit River headwaters.

Beginning in British Columbia, the iconic Skagit River eventually empties into the Puget Sound in Washington. The river provides critical habitat to a number of species and is essential to many Indigenous communities’ ways of life, including the Swinomish Tribe. The Skagit is often called the last best hope for salmon recovery in the Puget Sound. Moving forward with mining is a direct threat to this incredible resource.

The Conservation Chat series takes an in-depth look at conservation issues that Washington Wild is leading. Past videos focused on Washington Wild’s efforts to defend the Roadless Rule in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest and our backyard and Washington Wild’s 40-year history.  Jaidacyn Madrigal resides in Everrett, WA and is the host of the EcoGirl Youtube Channel.