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COMPLETED ACTION: Stand up for the Public’s Voice and Sound Decision-Making on Public Lands!

For nearly 50 years, the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, has been an empowering legal tool that allows communities to defend themselves and their environments from dangerous, rushed or poorly planned federal and industry projects. The law ensures that your community has a say when special interests propose projects like building a toxic waste incinerator in your neighborhood or a dangerous pipeline next to your child’s school.

Photo Courtesy of Issac Leon Frost

Now, the United States Forest Service is considering putting our nation’s oldest and most important environmental law on the chopping block.  It is important to understand that environmental review helps ensure that public lands and waters remain healthy, resilient and attractive outdoor recreation destinations. Weakening NEPA could result in making it way harder for people like you to have a say in government decisions, or even know what the federal government is up to. We are also asking the Forest Service to consider streamlining the permitting process for outdoor guides who help get people out into wild places in our state. The current costly and overly complex system is preventing people from visiting the National Forests and an improved outfitter/guide permitting process would make large strides in making it easier to get people outdoors.

You can send comments in to the Forest Service until Friday, February 2nd!