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Groups Support Forest Service Road Repairs for Recreational Access Near Mt. Baker

The Forest Service is in the process of instituting a road repair project on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest that would restore access to key recreation opportunities. Washington Wild coordinated a letter to the Forest Service signed by 19 organizations supporting these repairs that keep important recreation areas accessible.

Photo Courtesy of USFS

During Washington’s winters many Forest Service Roads suffer damage from washouts which restrict hiking, climbing, camping and other recreational opportunities. Repairs are necessary to restore access since a number of these roads provide the pathway to amazing recreation opportunities. Canyon Creek Road is the gateway to the Damfino Lakes Trailhead which includes access to the Boundary Way and Canyon Ridge Trails for hiking, equestrian, mountain biking and paddling opportunities. Glacier Creek Road offers spectacular Mt. Baker vistas and recreation from Heliotrope Ridge Trail for hiking, scenic viewing, alpine and ice climbing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and paddling.

Photo Courtesy of USFS

These examples show the value of these road repairs to accessing phenomenal recreation opportunities and exploring wild, secluded areas in our state through a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you’re a hiker, climber, camper, horseman, or paddler, Forest Service investment in these repairs will offer you amazing outdoor experiences.