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Protect Our Public Lands

An all out war on our public lands has already begun. Over the course of the next four years we expect renewed Congressional attacks on our bedrock environmental laws, including efforts to sell off federal lands owned by all Americans to oil, gas and mining companies. Washington Wild will continue to stand guard in defense of our public lands, but we need your help!

Photo Courtesy of Arte Wolfe

Fight Against Lawless Logging!

The Resilient Forests Act of 2017 (H.R.  2936), a dangerous attack on our public lands that would allow unprecedented and unregulated logging, passed the House Natural Resources and Agriculture Committees and is headed to the House floor. 

Write your elected officials and tell them to OPPOSE H.R. 2936!

Photo Courtesy of Andy Porter

Follow Our 2017 Guide to Legislative Threats!

It can be daunting to keep up with all of the legislation being introduced, so we’ve made it easy with our 2017 Guide to Legislative Threats! Learn more about the current threats to Washington’s Public Lands and take action by writing your representatives on these important issues. It’s simple and public lands are public issues. Use your voice and stand up for our public lands by taking action on these vital issues.

Dungeness River, Photo Courtesy of Cheryl Hill

Dungeness River, Photo Courtesy of Cheryl Hill

Sign the Wild Olympics Petition

Join more than 10,000 people who have signed the petition in support of the Wild Olympics Campaign. This Act if passed would permanently protect over 126,000 acres of new Wilderness and over 460 miles of new Wild & Scenic Rivers.

PAST ACTION: Defend the Clean Water Rule!

The Trump Administration is proposing to repeal the Clean Water Rule (CWR) which would reverse the hard-fought 2015 rule which extended federal jurisdiction for the Clean Water Act to include important smaller bodies of water such as wetlands and headwaters. 1 in 3 Americans get their drinking water from sources that are covered by the […]

Mt St. Helens by Trevor Ducken

PAST ACTION: Oppose Forest Service Decision to Support Mining at Mt. St. Helens

The Forest Service has just issued a decision allowing a foreign mining company, Ascot Resources, to conduct exploratory drilling in the pristine Green River valley near Mount St. Helens. This is the first step toward developing a large copper, gold, and molybdenum mine on these treasured public lands and waters bordering the Mount St. Helens […]


TAKE ACTION: Bipartisan Resolution Supporting Public Lands

Members of Congress representing Washington State have lead the way in voicing the importance of our nation’s public lands. To date, a total of 24 Republicans and Democrats representing 11 states have signed on to Co-Sponsor a pro public lands bipartisan resolution: one-third are from the Washington State alone. However, two members of the Washington […]

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