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Since our founding in 1979 Washington Wild has been instrumental in the protection of nearly 3 million acres of Wilderness throughout Washington State. By bringing people together from different fields, beliefs, political parties, and other walks of life, we are able to connect with a variety of Conservation Voices in defense of a wild and green Washington for generations to come. For more information about Washington Wild you can check out our Blog, past newsletters, and our conservation updates below.

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2017 Fall – Our Public Lands, A Legacy Worth Protecting: Washington’s wild places provide an escape to the outdoors, economic benefits for local businesses, and clean and safe drinking water for communities. This newsletter highlights our pride for Washington’s public lands and outlines how important it is that we defend these special places.
2017 Spring – A Gathering Storm Against Our Public Lands: Washington Wild is dedicated to protecting our public lands and environment from Congressional and Administrative threats. This newsletter focuses on the bills, resolutions and historic budget cuts that threaten our clean air and water, forests, rivers and recreational opportunities. We also provide ways for individuals to take action against these threats.
2016 Fall – The Wild Olympics are Calling: Washington Wild is a founding member of The Wild Olympics Campaign, a coalition working to protect pristine forests and watersheds on the Olympic Peninsula through new Wilderness and Wild & Scenic River designations. The Olympic Peninsula has been described as one of the most iconic wild places in the country and we are working to protect this legacy for tomorrow.
Newsletter Spring 2016 2016 Spring- Recreational Access: Washington Wild focuses both on permanently protecting wild lands and waters while also preserving and enhancing recreational access to those same wild places. In fact, a major reason why we work so hard to protect our wild places is so that current and future generations can enjoy these incredible places.
Newsletter Fall 2015 2015 Fall- Finding Common Ground: At Washington Wild, we make finding common ground a top priority and consider it absolutely critical when building support for our mission. Sometimes it is easy to find and other times it can be evasive, but often enough common ground can sprout from unlikely places.
Newsletter Spring 2015 2015 Spring – Alpine Lakes Additions: After 7 years of hard work the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Additions passed into law in December of 2014 to permanently protect 22,000 acres of new Wilderness and nearly 40 miles of Wild & Scenic Rivers.
Newsletter Fall 2014 2014 Fall – 35th Anniversary Addition: We have worked to protect a wild and green Washington for the last 35 years! Since our founding in 1979 we have been instrumental in the protection of nearly 3 million acres of Wilderness.
Newsletter Spring 2014 2014 Spring – Brewshed Alliance: The Washington Wild Brewshed Alliance is an outreach initiative designed to help people make the connection between protected water and superior downstream beer.
 Newsletter Fall 2013

2013 Fall – BLM Wildlands: BLM Wildlands are the unheralded wilderness of our State with over 460,000 acres. Read this issue to find out more about what makes these lands unique and why Washington Wold is working to protect them.


Spring 2013 Cover 2013 Spring – Wildlife: By protecting wild lands and waters we also help to protect the wildlife native to the area, including many of our local endangered species. We protect the habitat, which protects the wildlife.
Newsletter Summer 2012 2012 Summer – The Need to Protect Wild Places: We protect wild places, because we are wild about recreating in them! Which is why Washington Wild works hard to balance protecting and restoring recreational access while still maintaining the beauty we all love.
Newsletter Spring 2012 2012 Spring – Economics of Wild Places: An exploration of the incredible impacts of wild lands and waters in Washington State and how they contribute to and help sustain local economies.
Newsletter Fall 2012 2012 Fall – Wild About Washington’s Rivers: Washington Wild works hard to protect our state’s wild lands AND waters. The Wild & Scenic Rivers Act offers the highest level of protection for federal waters.