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Groups Support New Trail Building in Heybrook Ridge County Park

Today, Washington Wild coordinated a joint comment letter joined by 14 other conservation and recreation groups, as well as local elected officials and economic leaders in the Skykomish River Valley, to the Snohomish County Parks and Recreation Department. The groups expressed their support for the Department’s request for two different grant opportunities to improve Heybrook Ridge County Park by creating a new and more accessible trail in the area.

This proposed secondary trail, departing from the main trailhead, would expand accessibility for a wider audience, including those with mobility challenges, young children, and those who desire a shorter hike or a different recreational experience than the steeper primary trail.

Heybrook Ridge County Park is a beautiful facility that has enormous potential to serve a variety of recreation users. The new trail will be approximately a half mile in length through a forested region of the park that is rich in history and ecology. Along with the new trail, the park will be adding a bathroom facility to serve all park users.

The new trail will also provide new opportunities for environmental education. The trail will travel along a wetland area, through the existing forest and around an historic lumber mill site. Along this carefully planned route there are numerous opportunities for environmental, cultural, and historic education. The educational benefits of this trail can be accessed by all Park guests; through interpretive signage and guided tours. The Friends of Heybrook Ridge, in partnership with the Index Elementary School and the Index Historical Society, will actively utilize Heybrook Ridge County Park to enhance their environmental and historical education programs through guided tours.

Washington Wild strongly supports Snohomish County Parks, Recreation & Tourism in their efforts to complete improvements at Heybrook Ridge County Park and provide additional recreational and education opportunities to their community.