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The lush green Tongass Forests meets the sea

Alaska’s Tongass National Forest is one of the rarest ecosystems in the world. At nearly 17 million acres of mostly old-growth forest, it’s also America’s largest national forest and a critical carbon sink in the global fight against climate change.

The Biden Administration’s Southeast Alaska Sustainable Strategy will re-instate previous Roadless Rule protections and add additional safeguards to the Tongass, including $25 million in federal spending on local sustainable development and an end to large-scale logging of old-growth timber across the forest’s entire 16 million acres. 

It’s up to us to see this across the finish line and ensure our roadless forests are once again protected for years to come. Tell the US Forest Service that you support President Biden’s Southeast Alaska Sustainable Strategy to restore roadless rule protections on the Tongass, end large-scale old-growth logging in the forest, and invest in Tribal priorities and community-led partnerships in Southeast Alaska. 

Take Action to protect the last remaining old growth forests

Conserving old-growth forests in the Tongass and similar carbon-rich mature and old-growth forests in Roadless protected areas across Washington state is one of the single biggest and boldest steps the Administration can take to address the climate change and biodiversity crises. 

The Tongass is our backyard at just 500 miles from Washington. We share business, economic, and cultural connections. While Washington Wild has taken bold action to protect wilderness and slow climate change, the fight does not end at our borders. We’ve been standing up for the Tongass since 2019 because it’s public land entrusted to all of us. Catch-up on this issue at the media links below.


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Amy Gulick stands next to a giant old growth tree and looks up at it in amazement

Take Action: Support National Forest Roadless Area Protections for Old-Growth Trees in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

Let the Biden Administration know you support reinstating protections for “America’s Climate Forest.”

The Biden Administration Announces Sweeping Protections for Tongass National Forest

In a bold move for a region long reliant on felled old-growth trees, the Biden administration announced a new plan for the Tongass National Forest to restore and implement additional safeguards. Not only will the previous Roadless Rule protections be reinstated (as promised in June) but new safeguards will be added, including $25 million in […]

Biden Administration Commits to Reinstate Roadless Protections in the Tongass National Forest

It’s a good day for ancient forests. The Biden Administration has committed to restore Roadless protections in the Tongass National Forest.   In October 2019, the Trump administration announced a controversial proposal to eliminate long-standing protections for unlogged old-growth forests within Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. The proposed management plan was an override to the 2001 […]

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