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Washington’s national forests and national parks are part of the amazing natural heritage we eagerly pass on to future generations. Washington Wild supports sound management of these public lands that support healthy ecosystems, natural beauty and recreational opportunities. While much of our national parks are protected as Wilderness, national forests are mandated to consider multiple uses including mining, logging, ranching and motorized off-road vehicle use.

Goat Rocks Wilderness, Photo Courtesy of Andy Porter

Goat Rocks Wilderness, Photo Courtesy of Andy Porter

We work with coalition partners to oppose mining, logging and management decisions that threaten key conservation, recreation or wildlife values. As an organization we also prioritize advocating to promote and restore recreational access to the wild places we work so hard to protect. We engage a diverse group of stakeholders and mobilize individuals to comment on these proposals. You can hear some of their opinions directly by checking out our Conservation Voices section.

See the updates below for more information on how Washington Wild defends our state’s Wilderness Legacy.

WA Wild Advocates for Trust Land Transfer Funding in Supplemental Capital Budget

With higher-than-expected proceeds from the carbon cap and trade program being funneled into the newly established Natural Climate Solutions Account under the Climate Commitment Act (see #8 in this graphic), […]

In the News: ‘Wild Sky Wilderness grows 345 acres, as transfer chips at private land’

From The Everett Herald: The Wilderness Land Trust transferred the 354-acre property to the U.S. Forest Service as public ownership. Located near Silvertip Peak—straddling the Wild Sky and Henry M. […]

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