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Creating a Big Tent for Conservation

Posted on Dec 8, 2015 in WA Wild Blog

Washington Wild is excited to
Create a Big Tent for Conservation!

Over the past year, Washington Wild made over 1,000 connections with local elected officials, business owners, recreation organizations and sportsmen to support the permanent protection of wild lands and waters throughout the state. In looking at the broad array of those who stand with us, we can imagine a “Big Tent for Conservation” under which we work together to achieve a common purpose.

With the help of volunteers, supporters, members and stakeholders we are able to work tirelessly to protect a wild Washington. The power of a Big Tent philosophy is showcased in our video, Celebrating Wilderness and truly captures what Washington Wild stands for – to bring a diverse group of stakeholders under our tent to build awareness and support for the protection of wild land and waters throughout Washington state.

Looking ahead to the future, it is critical that we keep the momentum going into 2016! Join Washington Wild as we Create a Big Tent for Conservation. Our goal of 500 supporters to raise $25,000 will help us continue to build a sustainable future for Washington Wild.

You may have noticed all the hype on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)! By simply sharing our posts and using the hashtags: #WildernessAdvocate #WAwild, you can spread awareness for our mission!

Thank you for supporting Washington Wild’s mission to protect the outdoor landscapes we all love by donating with a gift that is meaningful to you and by being a #WildernessAdvocate!

For a Wild & Green Washington,
The Staff, Board, and Volunteers from Washington Wild