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Updated Brewshed LogoOur Brewshed® Partners have joined the Washington Wild Brewshed Alliance, because they value a wild and green Washington full of great beer! As partners they host and participate in events throughout the year and state to help raise both funds and awareness for Washington Wild’s statewide conservation work. They joined because they know protected water leads to superior downstream beer, that’s what we call the Brewshed Connection.

Our Brewshed Alliance program is just one example of how Washington Wild works with what we call nontraditional conservation allies. These are people and organizations that have a vested interest in our conservation work that may not be as obvious as other stakeholders such as backpackers. For the brewer example, we help protect the primary and most important ingredient in beer, water, which protects their business. For more information on stakeholders we work with check out our Conservation Voices blog series featuring a wide variety of people discussing how and why Washington Wild’s work matters to them. For an insider brewer perspective on the Brewshed Alliance check out the Conservation Voices featuring Pamela Brulotte of Icicle Brewing Company.

Are you a brewer interested in joining the Brewshed Alliance? Just shoot us an email and we will be in touch shortly. 

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