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Boulder River Wilderness

Posted on Jun 3, 2024 in Washington's Wilderness Areas

Less than 25 miles from Puget Sound, as the marbled murrelet flies, the Boulder River Wilderness protects 49,343 acres of craggy peaks and vigorous streams that cascade down from glaciers into dense old-growth groves of hemlock, Douglas Fir, and cedar. Towering 7,000 feet into the sky, Whitehorse Mountain provides some of the finest and most challenging mixed rock and ice routes in the Cascades. This Wilderness  is home to a diversity of wildlife, including black bears, black-tailed deer, cougars, and mountain goats. 

The Boulder River Wilderness was protected in 1984 by the Washington State Wilderness Act. Washington Wild was founded in 1979 with the goal of building a local grassroots movement to protect Wilderness areas throughout Washington. After five years of advocacy and organizing, the Washington State Wilderness Act of 1984 marked the organization’s first major victory. 

Boulder River Trail 

Whitehorse Mountain NW Shoulder Climb