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Wild Profile: Bob Brenlin

Posted on Dec 10, 2017 in Conservation Voices, WA Wild Blog

Thanks to his exceptional commitment to protecting Washington’s wild lands and watersheds, Bob Brenlin was presented with the 2017 Brewshed® Award at last year’s Wild Night Out.  A Washington Wild Brewshed Alliance partner since 2014, Bob has found creative ways to bring awareness to public land issues and develop fundraisers to support Washington Wild’s conservation programs.

Bob knows that clean water is the key ingredient to the craft beer he serves at his three Seattle brewpubs: Latona Pub, Hopvine, and Fiddler’s Inn.  As one endeavor to protect clean water, Bob helped to establish the annual Brewshed Beer Fest which has become the Brewshed Alliance’s largest and most successful fundraiser of the year.  He also takes Earth Week very seriously!  In an amazing endeavor to raise environmental awareness, Bob’s “keg-walking program” organizes beer to be delivered to Latona Pub through only non-motorized means.  This year’s keg delivery mechanisms included walking from Georgetown, sailing from Anacortes, and biking from Astoria, Oregon – an impressive way to celebrate Earth Day!  Cheers to Latona Pub’s 30th anniversary as an integral member of its community.

“You can treat water and make good beer anywhere with bad water – if you treat it. But we can make great beer easily here with our amazing clean water and that’s what we need to protect,” reflected Bob. “Every brewery, we have 400 here in Washington State, should all be part of the Brewshed Alliance.  If you can’t protect water, you can’t drink good beer.”

Latona Pub was one of the first Brewpub supporters of the Brewshed Program and helped us create a movement in the brewing community, growing to over 50 partners this year.  Whether through his involvement in the Brewshed Alliance, the annual auction he holds for Washington Wild at Latona Pub, or his famous keg-walking during Earth week, Bob has been a wonderful environmental advocate for healthy watersheds, craft beer, and the wild places in Washington that make our state such a wonderful place to live.