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Since 1979, Washington Wild has played an invaluable role in permanently protecting nearly three million acres of Wilderness throughout Washington State. We bring people together in the vigorous defense of our remaining wild forests, waters, and wildlife. By educating, empowering and mobilizing our communities, Washington Wild builds powerful grassroots networks that help protect wild lands and waters throughout the state.

Our Mission: Washington Wild protects and restores wild lands and waters in Washington State through advocacy, education, and civic engagement.

Washington Wild is a member-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Founded as the Washington Wilderness Coalition, we changed our name to Washington Wild in 2012 to better reflect our expanded mission to protect wild and free-flowing rivers in addition to wild lands.


Photo Courtesy of Thomas O'Keefe

Photo Courtesy of Thomas O’Keefe

Protect & Defend

Washington Wild works hard to both protect and defend the natural beauty of Washington State’s federal lands. As the only statewide group dedicated to protecting wild lands and waters, Washington Wild plays a unique leadership role in working with both national and local grassroots advocacy groups. A key part of this work is to develop campaigns in support of federally designated Wilderness and federally designated Wild & Scenic Rivers, the strongest protections available for federal lands and waters.

Due to the efforts of Washington Wild and countless other Wilderness Advocates, Seattle is #1 of the 25 largest U.S. cities boasting the most designated Wilderness within a 100-mile-radius. With over 3.6 million acres within 100 miles of Seattle, it has more than double the acreage of the next closest city!

In addition to permanently protecting wild places for future generations, Washington Wild defends wild places from mounting threats. Washington specializes in monitoring threats such as controversial timber sales, dam proposals, mining proposals, military training, geothermal development and other potential threats to wild places. Each year, Washington Wild mobilizes grassroots responses to speak out against threats by gathering individual comments and bringing together organizations and local businesses to sign onto joint comment letters.

Wild Lands and Waters
Jack Mountain from Devils Dome Pasayten Wilderness

Jack Mountain from Devils Dome Pasayten Wilderness

The natural beauty of Washington’s wild lands and waters is one of the reasons so many of us choose to live, work and play in the Pacific Northwest. After the passage of the Wild Sky Wilderness Act in 2008, Washington Wild brought together advocates for Wilderness and advocates for rivers, we have merged two powerful sets of voices in support of one cause that benefits all. The Alpine Lakes Wilderness Additions passed in December of 2014 and was the first Wilderness legislation in Washington State to designate BOTH Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers, over 22,000 acres and nearly 40 miles. The bill was an important step forward not just in added protections of federal lands and rivers, but it is also a testament to the power of many voices behind one cause. It takes years to get Wilderness legislation passed – we think it is important to make every bill have the maximum impact for conservation!

Finding Common Ground

In defense of Washington State’s wild lands and waters, Washington Wild works to find common ground amongst varied interests; bringing people together from different fields, beliefs, political parties, and other walks of life. We work with Tribes, faith leaders, mountain bikers, hunters, anglers, local businesses, breweries (see our Brewshed® Alliance Program), elected officials, and more. Learn more about our supporters by checking out our Conservation Voices page.